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Ty Segall and The Sonics The point of this column is to discuss a recent music release or show, and then look for something similar or related to recommend. This week’s column focuses on Ty Segall’s music style.   Ty Segall – Ty Segall Ty Segall’s new self-titled album is out. Ty is an experimental… Keep Reading

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Casey’s Photo Tips

The basics A picture can tell a thousand words without speaking one. That’s why it’s important to take note of good habits that make for better pictures. The first concept to grasp is to know how take a photo using manual mode. Instead of letting the camera make all the decisions for you, this gives… Keep Reading

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Music Notes

Foxygen, Getting into Beefheart The point of this column is to talk about a recent release, or show, and then look for something similar or related in history to recommend. There is a lot of really good music that people don’t know about, really important stuff I probably still don’t even know about, but I… Keep Reading

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HBO’s Westworld: more than just guns, sex and cowboys?

Now five episodes into the first season of HBO’s new series, Westworld, plotline development has finally started to pick up the pace. Based on the 1973 film written by Michael Crichton, the story of “Westworld” revolves around a future reality where artificial intelligence has been nearly perfected. For $40,000 a day, “guests” are invited to… Keep Reading

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