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Artists at the Express Yourself
Campus Life

Free art event to alleviate stress for students

The Speech 219 class was given an end of the term assignment administered by Adjunct Speech Communication faculty member Dustin Cosby, regarding a project to benefit students. Participants in the class created a multiple day event from March 6 to March 8 in the student center that had given several students a chance to relax,… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Tuition, fees set for possible increase

On an average, students pay approximately $200-$300 per term in fees, not counting tuition and books. Some of these fees are specific to the field of study, while others are added on for online classes. As budgets are in the planning stage for next year, an increase in tuition and student fees is almost a… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

“Angels Passing” closing soon

The Art Gallery in Umpqua Community College, Whipple Fine Arts building presents “Angels Passing” by Michael Hoeye. Hoeye graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri with a Bachelor of Arts. He later received a Master of Arts in Religion and Psychiatry from Union Thelogical Seminary in New York, New York. Hoeye moved back to… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Persuasion in the Post-Truth Era

Note: Information and extracts from The Washington Post, New York Times and the Guardian Hundreds of scientists recently gathered in Boston’s Copley Square to rally against what they say is a “direct attack” on research and facts by the new Republican administration. Though specific calls to action were not made clear, neither are the goals… Keep Reading

nathan Ikola
Campus Life

No need to fear, the end of slow wifi is near

Slow wifi speed has been an issue for UCC students and staff. According to Stephouse, a business that specializes in creating wireless networks, the average speed in the U.S. is around 11 and one-half mbps (megabits per second).A free online internet speed test provided by Ookla last week showed that the download speed on UCC’s… Keep Reading

Campus Life

Gratitude event brings positivity to UCC campus

The 30 days of gratitude event through the month of February on the UCC campus highlights the importance of remaining positive through life trials and tribulations. Its focus is to provide students with the motivation to remain physically and mentally healthy through mindfulness practices. The event, held by the Student Life & Campus Engagement office, is… Keep Reading

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Campus Life/Events

QSA prepares for 2017 events

Queer Students Advocacy discussed logistics for upcoming events during their recent club meeting held Feb. 7. High on this list was the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus performance at Jacoby Hall on March 26. Planning for the event has been in the works since Nov. 2016. Ticket proceeds from the event primarily fund the Douglas County… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Phi Theta Kappa competes

UCC’s Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society is looking forward to see if they will win one of the highly anticipated Hallmark awards coming in April. Chapters that win must exemplify excellence in leadership, service, fellowship and community involvement. UCC’s chapter is known as the Alpha Sigma Upsilon chapter. Several criteria needed to be accomplished before… Keep Reading

Campus Life

Meet the current officers

Associated Students of UCC (ASUCC) is a student leadership body made up of five elected students and as many as five senators. Currently, there four student officers and two senators in office for the 2016/17 school year. The current president of ASUCC is Alexandra (Ali) Lape. Lape has a busy life. She is a student,… Keep Reading

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