With the school year coming to an end, June 15’s graduation date is fast approaching. Many graduating students are expecting family from out of town; many of the hotels in Roseburg are anticipating an influx of guests. Finding the right accommodations for grad night can be a stressful experience. To help ease the stress of hotel hunting many people turn to TripAdvisor, a website that compiles and compares listings from several prominent travel sites putting emphasis on reviews submitted by past guests. These reviews rate hotels on a scale of one to five stars, one star representing a poor experience and five stars representing aRead More →

The days leading up to graduation can be hectic and all over the place, so having some plans can lead to a much smoother day. UCC’s graduation is June 15, starting at 6 p.m. at the Swanson Amphitheater. Begin by getting the big stuff out of the way first such as creating a list of who’s coming. UCC students are allowed to invite as many guests as wanted, unless rain causes the event to be moved from the outdoor Swanson Amphitheater to Jacoby. If this happens, guests will be limited to four. Consider coordinating a meet up place for friends and family after the ceremony,Read More →

The Mainstream staff provide the following tips. Disclaimer: We are not etiquette gurus. Tip #1: Announcements vs. Invitations vs. Guest Limitations for Rain Send out a “Look Who’s Graduating!” type of announcement to all of your loved ones, and in the announcement explain the school’s ticket limitations. That way, guests won’t get mad if they can’t be invited. Then send out a separate invitation. On the invitation to your UCC graduation, inform guests that if rain moves graduation inside of Jacoby, you may be required to limit your guests to only four and that the rain announcement may not come until an hour before graduation.Read More →

Those graduating and attending commencement should know that Jan Woodcock is the student-selected faculty commencement speaker and will be speaking briefly at graduation. As this is Woodcock’s last term at UCC, we at The Mainstream had some fun questions to ask her: Q: When did you first start at UCC? A: I’ve been at UCC for 24 years. Q: What’s your best/favorite memory from your time at UCC? A: Watching students figure out over a year or two how capable, bright, and worthy they are. Q: What’s the first meal you’re going to eat after retirement? A: Probably something from Starbucks drive-thru. Q: What kindRead More →

Rosa Mohlsick, a member of Umpqua Community College’s class of 2009, will speak at this year’s commencement ceremony and then go forward with continuing her college education. She was employed previously at the Safe Haven Maternity Home, a non-profit organization that aids women and babies in crisis. She worked at the home for a total of nine years and served as the executive director for three years. The Safe Haven Maternity Home has supported over 550 mothers and their babies since its opening in the Roseburg area, and it is currently serving eight mothers and their children. Mohlsick now hopes to earn her Master’s DegreeRead More →

Above: Steve Loosely UCC Board of Education Chair Closing Remarks List of outstanding students: John Bastienilli Madison Becker Jakob Bergmann Gavin Brousseau Jantyne Bunce Shantelle Camden Wade Christensen Gavin Clark Constance Cline Danny Cockrum Christine Cooksey Grace Cupp Matt Edinger Nazzario Ferguson Matthew Figueroa Alicia Graves Andreas Guevara Maegan Hartley Sabrina Hill Eric Hoang Michael Hoie Emma Jaworski Sarah Jaworski Charlotte Kame Neila Kerkebane Zoe Krause John Kunis Levi Lemert Emily Lozano Lyandra Maina Daniel Marro Lily Martin Jacob Maynes William Maynes Shanna McMahan Derek Meier Brittany Miller Carissa Miller Karina Mills Heather Monroe Bryan Olsson Eric Pearce Fallon Peters Sandra Richie Jeremy Rockhold Vanessa SantillanRead More →

Robert Mountainspring-Wood had dreams of becoming a soldier in his youth; he even dreamed of being a martyr for his country. Mountainspring-Wood enlisted before the age of 20, but life would prove to put him on a different path than the one he desired through the military. Myriad challenges, social, physical and personal, would define the struggle of his life that no one could have seen coming. However, the struggles that began while in the military would lead him through both some of his darkest hours and a life which he now is thankful to live. At the age of 19, Mountainspring-Wood enlisted in theRead More →

A video game trailer, face painting, food samples, and informational booths of the clubs and activities on campus brought student and community involvement to ASUCC’s Creatively Celebrating U event. “The Celebrating U event is a multicultural event celebrating everyone in UCC,” Patricia Sipe, ASUCC activities officer said. The event was located outside in the campus compass. As part of the celebration, students could step into a booth about Malaysia to learn how Malaysia came to have the largest population of Indians outside of India from a UCC student born there. They could then stroll up to visit Andre Jacob, a professor at the Woolley Center,Read More →

UCC’s annual end of year ASUCC sponsored event for students will be held Friday, May 18. The theme, “Creatively Celebrating YoU,” emphasizes celebrating cultural differences. Student clubs, campus programs and the community are invited to set up booths that showcase their culture, heritage and purpose. Tables with samples of food from different countries, including Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, American, Indonesian and Egyptian will offer attendees the opportunity to taste something new. Shaved ice will also be available. Popular activities of black-light dodgeball and face painting are returning for more fun this year. New booths and activities are scheduled to participate: • Umpqua Singers from 1 toRead More →

At the culmination of every academic year, the Associated Students of Umpqua Community College (ASUCC) conducts an election of and by students that will decide the leaders of the ASUCC for the upcoming year. These leadership positions include President, Vice President, Business Manager, Activities Officer, and Public Relations Officer. In last year’s election, I was entrusted with the honor of filling the role of Public Relations Officer for AY 2017-18. It has been my personal honor and privilege to represent and defend the voice and will of the Student Body, and I am grateful for the lessons this office has taught me: I have learnedRead More →

Learning styles differ from person to person; techniques that may work for one student may not work for another, but assistance is available on campus now no matter the learning style. The Success Center in the Sue Shaffer Learning Commons and Library is working to help all students reach their optimal potential. Mary Worthington, the new coordinator for the Success Center, entered the position in February 2018. Worthington was involved in community mental health prior to taking the Success Center coordinator position and has worked in special education rehabilitation counseling for over 20 years. During that time, she has worked with a variety of peopleRead More →

Several degrees and certificates, like the AAOT and the Oregon Transfer Module, require second language classes. Currently, UCC offers one world language: Spanish, taught by Associate Professor Nicholas Tratz. Although students at time struggle with the requirement, learning a second language can increase one’s world perspective and strengthen neural pathways. Learning a second language can make the hippocampus grow as well as the cerebral cortex, according to research done by Johan Mårtensson, a researcher in psychology at Lund University, Sweden.  Other research has shown that Alzheimer’s disease occurs later in populations who are bilingual or multilingual. Tratz utilizes a more integrative approach to teaching SpanishRead More →

Umpqua Community College’s Administration is presenting a revised fee proposal in lieu of the previously proposed flat $100 fee for labs, lab/lectures, practicums and clinicals that was reported in the last Mainstream issue. The new proposal, set to go before the Board of Education tomorrow at the monthly board meeting, has two options offered for consideration. The Board is likely to vote on both options tomorrow, May 9, 2018 at the 4:30 meeting in HNSC room 100. The meeting is open to the public, but anyone wishing to speak must sign a speaking sheet prior to the meeting. The first option will assess a $50Read More →