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Campus Life

Degree Works database: know your academic status now

The Ellucian Degree Works database has been one of the improvements added to the student self-service banner at UCC, funded through the federal 2001 Title III act that helps institutes of higher education expand their capacities to serve students of all income levels. Although this tool was rolled out in the fall of 2015, many… Keep Reading

Campus Life

Bluebird Pizza is packed with love

The owners of Bluebird Pizza, Roseburg’s brand new gourmet pizzeria, believe in second chances (and for good reason). In March of 2016, Ric and Tami Webb were at a turning point. Ric was in a coma, fighting for his life against pneumonia, heart failure and low blood pressure. Tami was praying for a miracle as… Keep Reading

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Campus Life/Events

Caution advised during steelhead run

Dedicated steelhead anglers face a strong steelhead run despite this winter’s high water, unfavorably cold water temperatures and poor water visibility. “We do anticipate that the run will be similar to last year’s. This run has been consistent over time and is likely due to steelhead’s life history that allows them to be more adaptable… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

All Douglas County public libraries slated to closed before summer

Since Measure 10-145 failed at the ballot box, Douglas County Commissioners are forced to look for ways to cover county budget shortfalls with budget cuts. The current plan requires the complete closure of all county funded libraries on April 1, a plan that could increase stress on UCC’s library. The measure would have raised approximately… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Overcoming financial aid barriers

Other options still available Danielle Risley, 19, had vividly seen the type of person she wanted to be after finishing a UCC degree. It had been her passion since a young age to become a psychologist or missionary and travel the world while helping those in need. This term would’ve furthered her education toward those… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Paying for school with scholarships

Students who hear about others studying under scholarships may have the fallacious impression that scholarship programs are only for those with exceptional grades, skills, or circumstances. This idea is not always true. Large sums of money set aside for scholarship programs go unused every year due to lack of applicants. The application process for most… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Better grades, less stress

The Success Center currently offers free tutoring as well as free supplemental instruction for all UCC math, writing, computer science and Spanish courses. Tutoring not only improves grades, a study by the University of Wisconsin shows it also improves students’ social skills and motivation and decreases anxiety. “Nationally students who work with a tutor do… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Faculty attend historical women’s march

Progress is not always an easy road to travel. Many roadblocks stand in the way, hampering some voices. In a show of solidarity on Jan. 21, 2016, five million worldwide marched regarding many of the issues facing America. The Women’s March on Washington extended throughout the world with every age, gender and race represented. What… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Student media: no“alternative facts” here

This past week has been a trying one for many in America. As the leadership of the country moves from one administration to another, changes are inevitable. Concerns surround what those changes are and how they will affect the populace in the future. As uncertainty rises, so does the need to speak out our thoughts,… Keep Reading

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