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Campus Life

Recycling Tips

Recycling options on campus, in the community It’s easy to shove unwanted items in our backpacks or in a trashcan without regard to their recyclability, but not all materials should be treated the same. Some materials, such as certain plastics and glass, don’t easily decompose. Luckily, the campus and the community offer many recycling options.… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Behind the scenes: Diana Kelly

Students who pass through the Student Center on their way to the cafeteria, the TRiO program, Veterans Services, ASUCC, the peer mentors program or other services most likely don’t realize they are walking right through an office. “I have the biggest office on campus,” Diana Kelly says, waving an arm at the entire lobby area.… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Soldiers to Scholars: the quiet strength

They give their lives, limbs and peace of mind so that we can taste a measure of freedom. They spend time away from their families, and if overseas, see horrific things while in combat. The scars veterans have, whether seen or hidden, may be borne in silence. Some soldiers return to school. There they face… Keep Reading

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Campus Life/Sports

Former USA wrestler signs with the RiverHawks

The year is 1989. The United States’ women’s wrestling team is competing for the first time at the world championships in Switzerland. Asia DeWeese, UCC’s new wrestling coach, is there earning what she calls “my greatest achievement.” “I was part of the first women’s national team that went to world championships,” DeWeese says.  In a… Keep Reading

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Campus Life/Sports

The reality of being a student athlete

Life must be easy being a college athlete. Student athletes have all the friends, they receive all the glory and attention from playing a great game and some might have better relationships with professors because they’re athletes. They go to school for free because of their scholarships — at least that’s the stereotype. And, the… Keep Reading

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Campus Life/Columns

WTF is Happening to America

A political column analyzing contemporary U.S. culture Since the 2016 U.S. presidential election, many Americans have become so electrified by the results that they are shouting, crying, and fighting … often against their friends, family and neighbors . . . at the cost of listening, learning, and loving. Dialogue is turning into broken friendships. Free… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Fees increase starting this summer

Starting this summer, a 12 credit student might expect to pay an additional $36 in tuition and fees per term. An increase of $3 per credit was a unanimous, though tentative, decision reached by the UCC Board of Trustees on Wednesday, April 12. A second reading of the tuition increase will be required at the… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Phi Theta Kappa attends Catalyst awards

Four students from Umpqua Community College’s Alpha Sigma Upsilon, which is UCC’s chapter of the Rocky Mountain Cascade region of the international Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) nation, attended the first annual Catalyst Awards convention. And it was, for them, quite an experience. President Jantyne Bunce, Vice President KC Perley, Adviser Diana Kelly, Honors in Action… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Turning adversity into strength Jennifer’s Story

All Jennifer Hagerty ever wanted was to help others succeed in life. After years of neglect and abuse from her parents, Hagerty wanted to treat others differently than how she was treated. As a result, nursing became her lifelong passion. “My dad left when I was four and never came back. My mom faced addiction… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Cheating Students experience cheating accusations

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series about academic cheating. What do the New England Patriots, former president Bill Clinton and students have in common? All three have been accused of cheating at one time or another. Whether unfair or dishonest methods are used to win a football game, to advance a political… Keep Reading

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