The News-Review reporters recall Oct. 1 coverage Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series on the media’s role in the community. The article contains profanity and possible triggers. The tendency to blame the messenger rather than the message may be human nature; it certainly has been applied universally to the media who report disasters and tragedies such as UCC’s Oct. 1 school shooting. But is that anger misplaced?Read More →

river slider

Spring chinook salmon have started their run through the Umpqua River. This can be an anxious time of year for anglers, environmentalists and biologists. According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, last year’s fish count showed a significant decrease in the number of spring chinook migrating through the Winchester fish ladder, reminiscent of low numbers from 2005 to 2008.Read More →

security car

Questions are being asked about what has changed in the six months since Oct. 1 to make students, faculty and staff feel more secure and safe. In an editorial printed in The News Review April 14, Roseburg psychiatrist Scott Mendelson asked, “Six months later, what has changed to lessen the likelihood of another senseless mass-murder by an angry, gun-toting young man?” His answer — “nothing. Nor do I see that anything will be done soon to improve our chances of remaining safe. We continue to sink into the morass while sighing, crossing our fingers and spouting platitudes.”Read More →

geology club

The UCC geology club was recently granted $1,000 from the Bureau of Land Management and other agencies to help fund a stream table and research into fish habitats. The club plans to use the grant to visit elementary and middle schools to teach younger students about stream environments and their geology.Read More →

susan rochester mosaic

Since her first year of teaching at UCC, Susan Rochester, chair of the Fine Art department, wanted to do something to cover the plain 50-by-5 foot wall behind the Fine Arts building. She had pondered various options, but when her student Kindra Neely wanted to do a more permanent art project before she graduates, the two decided on covering the walls with beautiful glass tiles in many different shapes and patterns. Originally,  the idea was to create abstract circles and swirls in tile, but the horror of Oct. 1 led them to something more memorable, a mosaic.Read More →


Paul Morgan, adjunct astronomy instructor, has dreamed about having a state of the art  observatory at UCC for many years. With help from the community that dream is slowly becoming a reality. Four telescopes are expected to be operational near the Tower Building this June.Read More →

election table

Joshua Friedlein ASUCC Vice President Guest Writer The ASUCC Executive Council has been preparing for a busy spring term. Elections for the student government executive officer Positions will be taking place this term. The ASUCC Leadership Board is looking for students who are interested in serving as an ASUCC executive officer for the upcoming school year. If you are interested, position applications may be obtained now in the ASUCC offices in Riverhawk Central — in the Campus Center, directly to the right of the Cafeteria. Application deadline is April 22. Official elections will be taking place May 9, 10 and 11.Read More →

UCC will be constructing its first solar array as part of an ongoing energy efficiency overhaul for the campus. According to Jess Miller, director of UCC facilities, the installation will feature 36 kilowatts of installed power but the electrical framework and inverters will be designed to deal with 300 kilowatts of installed power. This will allow the array to be expanded to provide up to approximately 10 percent of UCC’s yearly electricity consumption.Read More →


Construction workers may be a common sight on campus for the next several years as new buildings continue to expand the UCC experience. While work continues on the Health, Nursing, and Science Center (HNS) and a new astronomy observatory, staff are looking ahead to the Snyder rebuild, as well as a possible Industrial Technology building.Read More →