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Les Rogers, TRiO, Advising Specialist  Q: What is the greatest challenge you overcame this year? A: On a professional level, helping students through their own greif process (after Oct. 1) and keeping them on track academically so what happened doesn’t negatively affect their goals in terms of transferring for our program specifically. Q: How did you overcome this challenge? A: The part that helped me get through (Oct. 1) was helping the friends and loved ones who are still around try to get to that next part of their life and get back to a happy place. Q: Who specifically helped you make it throughRead More →

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A few of this year’s graduates offer advice to new and returning students about challenges and achievements. Farrah Kincheloe What advice would you give to new or returning students? Never take on more than you know you can handle and ALWAYS ask for help even if you don’t think you need it. Exchange numbers with the person who always sits next to you or at least near you in case you were unable to make it to class or you need help on an assignment. Don’t forget to set aside some time that is just for you, no homework, no studying, no work, just you.Read More →

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During spring break, some students received an email from the college letting them know that the academic progress of their financial aid had been updated “based on grades posted for the recently completed term.” In the email, students were further instructed to log on to Banner/Self-Service and check the updated status of their financial aid. Many of those who did found a notice that read “Suspend: Max Credits.”Read More →


The News-Review reporters recall Oct. 1 coverage Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series on the media’s role in the community. The article contains profanity and possible triggers. The tendency to blame the messenger rather than the message may be human nature; it certainly has been applied universally to the media who report disasters and tragedies such as UCC’s Oct. 1 school shooting. But is that anger misplaced?Read More →