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Campus Life

ASUCC vote results

Students at UCC voted for two ASUCC officers and 26 constitutional amendments that will go into effect in 2016/2017. All amendments passed with 78 percent or greater majority vote. A breakdown of the proposed changes to the constitution can be found here: The following officers were elected for the 2016/2017 school year. President: Alexandra… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Graduation Committee plans commencement ceremony

The Graduation Committee was one of six committees assigned to help with recovery after the Oct. 1 shooting. One of the goals of the committee was to ensure that this year’s commencement ceremony was the same as previous years however, this year will feature high profile speakers in Governor Kate Brown and Douglas County Sheriff… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

The Mainstream wins 11 awards in tumultuous year

The Mainstream journalism staff broke its own record for awards with this year’s wins. The staff took home 11 awards topping the previous UCC record of nine awards for journalism. These awards were earned for stories published from May 2105 to February 2016 in the state competition sponsored by the Oregon Newspapers Foundation. Annually, ONF… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Moving on Remembering the year’s triumphs and traumas

As I write this final article as a student reporter, my page is empty, but somehow so full of reflection. The words, yet to be laid down, repeatedly turn over in my head. Writing is always drawn from insight and capability, but during times like these, words are a writer’s soul made with letters. Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Staff reflects on the past year

Les Rogers, TRiO, Advising Specialist  Q: What is the greatest challenge you overcame this year? A: On a professional level, helping students through their own greif process (after Oct. 1) and keeping them on track academically so what happened doesn’t negatively affect their goals in terms of transferring for our program specifically. Q: How did… Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Finishing strong: campus community conquers challenging year

A few of this year’s graduates offer advice to new and returning students about challenges and achievements. Farrah Kincheloe What advice would you give to new or returning students? Never take on more than you know you can handle and ALWAYS ask for help even if you don’t think you need it. Exchange numbers with… Keep Reading

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Campus Life/I am UCC

I am UCC Athletic director retiring after 30 years

Dustin barneburg for the Mainstream The Mainstream Alumnus Walking into Cheryl Yoder’s office can be a bit overwhelming. Thirty years of Umpqua Community College history surrounds you on all sides. Framed photographs of countless faces, representing decades of memories, line and dot nearly every inch of her office. Keep Reading

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Campus Life

Songs for UCC now available on CD

The sounds of the trumpet that once rang out on campus can now only be heard in our headphones. Tony D’Agnese, a local musician who took personal time from work to play his trumpet on campus after Oct. 1, has vanished. Where did he go? Keep Reading

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