UCC has a lack of mental health support on campus. The new Healthy Minds club could give students a positive outlet to discuss mental health. Within the next 6 weeks, club president Leoana Brown and her peers will begin a mental health club for students interested who are interested in learning more about mental health and having a positive group to go to for support. Many young adults between the ages of 15 to 25 experience at least one mental health struggle or more. “In 2009 American College Health Association, a nationwide survey of college students at 2-4 year institutes, found that nearly 30 percentRead More →

With spring in the air and graduation on the horizon, many students are repeatedly checking their degree progress. DegreeWorks, a program offered through UCC’s Self-Service Banner is how students can keep track of degree requirements. According to the UCC’s DegreeWorks manager Kendy Jones, “ A lot of students like DegreeWorks and like seeing the degree move forward.” Since DegreeWorks debut around 2007, it has been a go-to program for colleges and universities that want to integrate more technology in students’ day to day life. However, the progam is not without its problems. This year, several students have reported seeing confusing changes in DegreeWorks. It isRead More →

The Board of Education and the administration of Umpqua Community College is proposing an increase in tuition and an additional fee for labs, lectures/lab, practicums and clinical courses starting in Fall term 2018. Tuition will be increased an additional $5 per credit up from their current rate. A proposed flat fee of $100 will be applied to certain courses labs, lectures/lab, practicums and clinicals, regardless of the number of credits, affecting a large number of courses. In a statement received in an email from Dr. Deborah Thatcher “In the face of inadequate funding from the State, the addition of a lab fee will allow usRead More →

Nursing students like Rose Anderson may be facing increased fees not only on labs but also required clinical hours. Students were shook April 9 when notified at a ASUCC board meeting that the Administration is attempting to raise tuition as well as tack on a $100 fee on all lecture/labs, labs, clinicals and practicums. The effects of this increase in costs will be far-reaching, as every program at UCC requires a lab of some sort. The automotive program, for instance, requires 30 labs before graduation. That is an extra $3,000 piled on top of their tools and tuition expenses already in place. Toni Nehl isRead More →

The Umpqua Community College Board of Education has tabled extensive new fee increases until May. The chart below shows a list of proposed fee increases. A flat lab fee of $100 will be applied across the board to cover cost of instruction. In addition, other fees will increase according to the April Board packet “to cover costs of consumables, equipment repair and replacement used within [those]departments.” Since the board tabled a decision until May a new board packet may be compiled with the same or different proposals for that meeting. That packet will be made available by the end of the day May 2. TheRead More →

New fees and tuition increases are being discussed once again. The Board of Education tabled a vote on these new increases at the April 11 meeting and so this has only pushed a possible vote to the May 9 meeting. The proposal, presented in PowerPoint by Natalya Brown, Interim CFO, and Dr. Kacy Crabtree, Provost, is shown below. For context, using the figures presented from the UCC Spring 2015 Schedule, as well as the Spring 2016, Spring 2017 and Spring 2018 figures from the same books, this is how per credit tuition has risen over that time: Spring 2016 per credit was $95.50; Spring 2017Read More →

UCC students Madison Becker, Margaret Anderson and Brook West prepare to snorkel on March 28 in Baja California as part of BI 101A: Evolution, Diversity and Ecology of the Baja Peninsula. Susan Jarvis attended the BI 101 trip as a reporter for The Mainstream Students experienced sparkling sunsets, warm beaches, diverse plants and evolving ecosystems while discovering more about themselves as well as the beautiful natural world of the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico, on a spring break field trip. Associate Professor of Biology, Ken Carloni led  an “ed-venture” for his BI 101A: Evolution, Diversity, and the Ecology of the Baja Peninsula students. Community members,Read More →

The Tom Keel Fitness Center is used for fitness classes and team training but can also be used for personal workouts. The Center includes a wide variety of stationary machines and aerobic equipment such as treadmills and ellipticals; however, it is lacking in the area of free weights. “We are really looking to modernize,” said former UCC basketball coach and current professor Rod Snook. “All of our power lifting equipment, our squat rack, and benches etc.., are all getting old and outdated so we really want to improve the overall standing of the fitness center. At the moment Tom Keel only has two flat benches,Read More →

Enrollment numbers are very important for the health UCC’s budget. “The more students we have the more revenue the college generates to support expenses and operations,” said Natalya Brown, director of accounting and finance. Aside from the athletic department adding new sports teams to bring in additional students, the enrollment services department is also doing their part to try and make enrolling into UCC as easy as possible. Missy Olson, director of college transitions and enrollment management, is attempting strategic enrollment planning (SEP). As she explained in a presentation to UCC’s Board of Education she said, “SEP refers to a complex and organized effort toRead More →

In January 2018, Umpqua Community College announced an addition of three new sports programs (men’s and women’s track and field and baseball). These new teams were added in an attempt to boost UCC’s enrollment. Athletic Director Craig Jackson stated that new teams are “enrollment driven”, and the goal is to use the teams to bring in additional students to UCC. Over the past five years, UCC’s enrollment has been on the decline. In the 2011-2012 school year, enrollment exceeded 4,000 students. During the 2016-2017 school year, UCC was struggling with less than 3,000 students enrolled. As of March 7 2018, Roseburg’s High School had 1,502Read More →