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Cass Studio: Cloud Patrol

Mat Guido is a part of moving collective of individuals who are trying to make waves within the Roseburg’s art community. Guido’s work titled “Cloud Patrol” is the first art exhibit to be featured in the new Cass Studio, located off Cass Street in downtown Roseburg.

The idea behind Cloud Patrol was based on using experimental photography techniques documenting the clouds during the spring time. Guido’s work represents the transition and growth around clouds that can change how we think depending on the changing of the season. By using light leaks, red scale photography and double exposure, Guido obtained these types of effects. The term red scale photography is the process of flipping the film upside down in the canister, that gives the film a vintage look. Guido was using a variation of different types of point and shoot film cameras. Hacking into them, cutting little slits that allowed light to leak in gave him the effect seen through his work.

The whole meaning behind Cloud Patrol is the idea that there is pressure coming out of winter going into spring, and we are not mentally prepared for the coming months. We don’t see ourselves as being in shape, mentally prepared, and drained. We have this pressure to be more ready for summer. Cloud Patrol explores that idea, taking time to find solitude in the clouds. Going out on cloud patrol is kind of a way to re-awaken oneself and engage with the earth on a more interpersonal level.

Cass Studio is located on 633 Cass Avenue. The idea behind Cass Studio was to create a space where artists can create, share, and sell work. “We are letting this form organically, we are inviting our friends, having a lot of conversations, and waiting to see how this is all going to form,” Guido explains.  Guido went on to share that “we want to invite the outside community in, to try to build a more creative community.”

Cass Studio is located on 633 Cass Avenue.  It is open Friday night’s 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


 …“we want to invite the outside community in, to try to build a more creative community.” —Mat Guido, Cass Studio artist

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