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Live, learn, and succeed at Oregon’s Rural University: Eastern Oregon University. ADVERTISMENT EOU offers a variety of flexible, affordable online programs that combine personal attention with academic excellence. We are proud to offer 25 majors/concentrations, 19 minors and 4 master’s degree programs.Explore DegreesIf you are interested in learning more, complete this survey.Read More →

The following was received April 27 with a request if we’d be willing to consider printing.  Dear Umpqua Community College Staff and Students, It’s surely no secret that our campus and the nation as a whole is going through a very difficult time currently, and while our world is full of negativity and darkness, there are still a good many things that deserve to be celebrated. Many of you may not know that the month of April is also national Autism Awareness month, and while the entire world as we know it seems to be crumbling beneath our feet, those with Autism Spectrum Disorder areRead More →

Relief for American Families: One-time tax rebate check: • $1,200 for an individual, $2,400 for a couple, $500 per child.• Not reduced for lower income Americans.• Reduced for higher income Americans, starting at $75,000 or $150,000 per couple.• Phases out completely for individuals with adjusted gross income of $99,000 or $198,000 for couples.Unemployment Insurance:Expanded unemployment insurance to cover independent contractors, self-employed, and non-profit employees. Small Business Assistance • $349 billion in forgivable loans through the Paycheck Protection Program, with no personal guarantee or collateral required. See further details below.• $10 billion for SBA economic injury disaster loans (EIDL), which provide grants of up to $10,000Read More →

Owen Cherry/ The MainstreamVyla Grindberg, ASUCC Business Manager Last year, being my first year at Umpqua Community College, I kept to myself for the most part, content to keep building on my successes. To me, originally that meant simply graduating and doing the best I could do in my classes to get a job. It was small things that I kept doing – moving to take an internship, going to Engineering Club, and then becoming a representative to go to these meetings so our club could get some extra income. Even at that point I didn’t realize what I was capable of – I didn’tRead More →

Intro in a 6 Part Series Editors note School shootings have become a morbid routine. Families receive condolences for lost loved ones, media writes stories on the who, what, and where, and eventually interest declines and the attention of the public moves on. Nevertheless, the people and places affected by these tragedies remain altered forever, and the cost for the communities affected is staggering. Schools utilize different strategies for dealing with the sites involved with these shootings, none of which offers an easy path forward. The aftermath involves years of work to restore, alter, or remove the buildings affected. The significance of these sites addsRead More →

From left: Mia Jorgensen, Jack Adamson, Addilynn Stevenson, Rio Henrickson, Holden Schult Trees and tots: Planting celebrates new Montessori school When the Maple Corner Montessori school moved from Roseburg to the UCC campus, the school’s name lost its connection to the red maple which stood at the corner of their previous school site. That was fixed Wednesday, Jan. 22, by Montessori pre-schoolers who planted several maple trees, including a red one, at UCC’s Ford Childhood Enrichment Center where the school is now housed. The children also planted a dogwood and a redbud tree.Read More →

I was barely able to turn a computer on when I first arrived at UCC, or I would have signed up to write for The Mainstream sooner. When more confident, I registered for J215 and then spent an entire four terms with the paper. I couldn’t be pulled away from my adopted family of creative people. If I could reasonably argue for another term (or more) I would love to have stayed even longer. My journey towards an English/Writing degree has been helped immeasurably by my time with The Mainstream, though, and I send all of my best wishes to the staff and future writersRead More →

Sam Homola and Savanah O’Brien  The Mainstream Photo by Shawna Depew The summer festival season is kicking off, a time of year eagerly awaited by fanatic festival goers. Eugene resident Shawna Depew returned Monday, May 28 from the Gorge Amphitheater where she spent the weekend immersing herself in the 16th annual Sasquatch Music Festival. She experienced a diverse selection of musical performances and her favorite aspect, a connection with all the other people that come to share in the experience together. “I saw older people and parents who brought their small children. It’s an amazing atmosphere.” Other popular festivals are right around the corner, making theRead More →

The Mainstream staff provide the following tips. Disclaimer: We are not etiquette gurus. Tip #1: Announcements vs. Invitations vs. Guest Limitations for Rain Send out a “Look Who’s Graduating!” type of announcement to all of your loved ones, and in the announcement explain the school’s ticket limitations. That way, guests won’t get mad if they can’t be invited. Then send out a separate invitation. On the invitation to your UCC graduation, inform guests that if rain moves graduation inside of Jacoby, you may be required to limit your guests to only four and that the rain announcement may not come until an hour before graduation.Read More →

Above: Steve Loosely UCC Board of Education Chair Closing Remarks List of outstanding students: John Bastienilli Madison Becker Jakob Bergmann Gavin Brousseau Jantyne Bunce Shantelle Camden Wade Christensen Gavin Clark Constance Cline Danny Cockrum Christine Cooksey Grace Cupp Matt Edinger Nazzario Ferguson Matthew Figueroa Alicia Graves Andreas Guevara Maegan Hartley Sabrina Hill Eric Hoang Michael Hoie Emma Jaworski Sarah Jaworski Charlotte Kame Neila Kerkebane Zoe Krause John Kunis Levi Lemert Emily Lozano Lyandra Maina Daniel Marro Lily Martin Jacob Maynes William Maynes Shanna McMahan Derek Meier Brittany Miller Carissa Miller Karina Mills Heather Monroe Bryan Olsson Eric Pearce Fallon Peters Sandra Richie Jeremy Rockhold Vanessa SantillanRead More →

At the culmination of every academic year, the Associated Students of Umpqua Community College (ASUCC) conducts an election of and by students that will decide the leaders of the ASUCC for the upcoming year. These leadership positions include President, Vice President, Business Manager, Activities Officer, and Public Relations Officer. In last year’s election, I was entrusted with the honor of filling the role of Public Relations Officer for AY 2017-18. It has been my personal honor and privilege to represent and defend the voice and will of the Student Body, and I am grateful for the lessons this office has taught me: I have learnedRead More →

VLADIMIR SOVYAK  The Mainstream Almost every Saturday morning for the past two years, along with some Sunday mornings, Professor Charles Young of UCC leads a hiking party of three to ten people that is now open to others. This outdoor group meets at the UCC parking lot next to Whipple Fine Arts and Jacoby Auditorium. Hikers then load up and carpool to the North Bank Habitat Area that was previously the Dunning Ranch on North Bank Road. The group’s primary focus for hiking is physical conditioning, but the group allows for plenty of socializing and storytelling along the way. Young said that about nine timesRead More →