“Black Panther” fulfills its much-anticipated promise. After nine months of publicity and hype, an eager mass movement packed movie houses worldwide. According to the L.A. Times, the film shattered ticket sales records for the four-day February weekend with $235 million. It was fifth highest total ever for a domestic opening weekend surpassed only by “Jurassic World,” “Marvel’s the Avengers,” and two “Star Wars” movies. Even so, viewers walk away from this film moved in unique ways that might surprise them. The story of prince T’Challa’s return to become the new Black Panther king of Wakanda , an African nation that had avoided conquest and corruptionRead More →

While books for the general public come cheaper and more readily available than ever, for a required text, students still commonly pay a price over $100, sometimes pushing $400 a book. It’s not fair, and UCC staff are trying to change that. UCC faculty have responded by keeping up with a statewide initiative to seek and adopt no-cost and low-cost alternative texts, reference librarian Jennifer Lantrip says. UCC now also designates the classes using money saving books in the course listings on the website, to help students make choices before registration. For the first time this term, a book in the low-cost category was notedRead More →