It is the season to spruce up and clean. People are clearing their homes of the old to make room for the new—new wardrobe, new seasonal décor, new summer reading (the list goes on). Donating to local thrift shops eases the burden on local landfills while supporting unique businesses within the Roseburg community. UCC Cyber Security major Mike Younis and his wife support their family of five through their eBay shop, Urban Thriftology. Younis’ wife founded Vanilla Gorilla, an upscale thrift store in Roseburg which she sold in the 2000s. Her experience brings great value to their business in terms of sourcing and pricing. UrbanRead More →

Nursing students like Rose Anderson may be facing increased fees not only on labs but also required clinical hours. Students were shook April 9 when notified at a ASUCC board meeting that the Administration is attempting to raise tuition as well as tack on a $100 fee on all lecture/labs, labs, clinicals and practicums. The effects of this increase in costs will be far-reaching, as every program at UCC requires a lab of some sort. The automotive program, for instance, requires 30 labs before graduation. That is an extra $3,000 piled on top of their tools and tuition expenses already in place. Toni Nehl isRead More →

Signs at convenience stores and shops such as Center Market until recently had been displaying the words: Kratom Sold Here. Sunstone Organics, a company located in Pleasant Hill, Oregon founded by kratom users provides local shops with their product. Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), a botanical substance with uses varying across cultures, up until February was being sold to help overcome opioid addiction when the FDA shut it down by classifying it as an opioid. The FDA made this classification due to the chemical structure similarities kratom shares with other controlled opioids and the 44 reported deaths associated with kratom use, although the majority of the casesRead More →

As they tackle education and adulthood simultaneously, students are finding themselves overwhelmed and spread a little too thin. The American College Health Association claims that depression rates in college students have been on the rise the past several years, with studies from researchers such as Hunt and Eisenberg showing that many other mental health disorders are also rising in number and severity. Why is this the case? Well, UCC students are attempting to balance classes, work, personal relationships, family life and leisure time all while learning how to “adult” well. These copious responsibilities require students to develop a high stress tolerance. To that end, springRead More →

Following dinner one Saturday night, your date begins to walk you home — but you wonder, will it end there? The two of you really hit it off and you’re anxious to see where this goes. Small talk begins to die out as your reach your doorstep. You pull out your keys to unlock the door… DING! Your phone notifies you of a Fling request from your date, outlining boundaries for a sexual encounter. Does this make you feel more comfortable or less? This is not a Black Mirror episode. This is not science fiction. This is LegalFling, and it is changing the way the worldRead More →