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No need to fear, the end of slow wifi is near

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Slow wifi speed has been an issue for UCC students and staff. According to Stephouse, a business that specializes in creating wireless networks, the average speed in the U.S. is around 11 and one-half mbps (megabits per second).A free online internet speed test provided by Ookla last week showed that the download speed on UCC’s…

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Everyday life hacks for college students

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    Access to the workout room is $35 per term. Jason Bamburg / The Mainstream

A college student’s life can both be very stressful as well as busy. From making sure you are prepared for a test to hoping you don’t forget to eat breakfast the next day, there is a lot on a student’s plate, but “life hacks” can make a student’s life a little more easy. One of…

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New 2017-18 sports programs green-lighted

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    Craig Jackson, UCC’s Athletic Director Provided by Craig Jackson

It is now official: in the fall term of 2017-18, the Riverhawks will add six new sports programs for students to participate in. These new sports will include wrestling, cross country and obstacle racing for men and women. Craig Jackson, UCC’s new athletic director, is expanding the college’s sports programs partly to help increase enrollment.…

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