Rosa Mohlsick, a member of Umpqua Community College’s class of 2009, will speak at this year’s commencement ceremony and then go forward with continuing her college education. She was employed previously at the Safe Haven Maternity Home, a non-profit organization that aids women and babies in crisis. She worked at the home for a total of nine years and served as the executive director for three years. The Safe Haven Maternity Home has supported over 550 mothers and their babies since its opening in the Roseburg area, and it is currently serving eight mothers and their children. Mohlsick now hopes to earn her Master’s DegreeRead More →

Several degrees and certificates, like the AAOT and the Oregon Transfer Module, require second language classes. Currently, UCC offers one world language: Spanish, taught by Associate Professor Nicholas Tratz. Although students at time struggle with the requirement, learning a second language can increase one’s world perspective and strengthen neural pathways. Learning a second language can make the hippocampus grow as well as the cerebral cortex, according to research done by Johan Mårtensson, a researcher in psychology at Lund University, Sweden.  Other research has shown that Alzheimer’s disease occurs later in populations who are bilingual or multilingual. Tratz utilizes a more integrative approach to teaching SpanishRead More →

With spring in the air and graduation on the horizon, many students are repeatedly checking their degree progress. DegreeWorks, a program offered through UCC’s Self-Service Banner is how students can keep track of degree requirements. According to the UCC’s DegreeWorks manager Kendy Jones, “ A lot of students like DegreeWorks and like seeing the degree move forward.” Since DegreeWorks debut around 2007, it has been a go-to program for colleges and universities that want to integrate more technology in students’ day to day life. However, the progam is not without its problems. This year, several students have reported seeing confusing changes in DegreeWorks. It isRead More →

According to UCC’s Student Self Serve, the average annual cost of attendance for a full time student totals at $11,664. Compared to the $27,502 cost of attendance most four-year colleges have, community college presents an opportunity to run the same race without paying an arm and a leg. That being said, money is still a huge obstacle for many students on campus. Although ASUCC provides resources like gas cards, food, backpacks and even rides to and from campus, some students struggle with homelessness on top of work and academic responsibilities. Filling out scholarships and other financial aid can help relieve stress and potentially pay forRead More →

Heroes Haven, a comic shop that carries unique table top games and pop culture merchandise, has had an impact on our community since its opening in 1987. The shop is one of the only places in town to offer issue and volume comics, card games like Magic The Gathering, and miniature figures. Aside from cute buttons and figures, the shop also has a wide variety of comic books offered at a reduced price in the back of the store. Heroes Haven has occupied four different storefronts over its 31 years in Roseburg and is now located at 635 S.E. Jackson Street in downtown Roseburg. TheRead More →

When allegations involving Harvey Weinstein were broadcast right and left in 2017, actor and former NFL player Terry Crews tweeted that he too had been assaulted. Not by Harvey Weinstein, but by William Morris Endeavor agent Adam Venit. The incident has been reported as happening in February 2016 at a party with Hollywood elites like Adam Sandler in attendance. Crews later told Sandler about the assault. At the time of print, he has yet to make a comment. Crews has reported that Venit groped his genitals, in front of his wife Rebecca King-Crews, among other odd and uncomfortable behavior. According to Crews’s reports, the incidentRead More →