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“Logan” slashes through stereotypes

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“Logan” opens in the darkest reaches of the “X-Men” universe. A broken and defeated Wolverine, drunk on liquor and the paralysis of his past, is the hero we’re introduced to. Not the typical superhero greeting, no, but “Logan” is the opposite of what superhero films have become today. Big on spectacle and faded on emotion,…

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Moving on Remembering the year’s triumphs and traumas

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    The Mainstream staff members, in clockwise order: Kayla Towers, Trick Schneider, Casey Conemac, Farrah Kincheloe, Haylie Ellison, adviser Melinda Benton, Alicia Graves, Kimberly Phinney, Brandon Taylor, Vladimir Sovyak and Vaughn Kness. Photo provided by Art Lucero

As I write this final article as a student reporter, my page is empty, but somehow so full of reflection. The words, yet to be laid down, repeatedly turn over in my head. Writing is always drawn from insight and capability, but during times like these, words are a writer’s soul made with letters.

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“Captain America: Civil War” divides Avengers over politics and ideals

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Finally, there are consequences, real, deep-set consequences intrinsic to the universe Marvel has crafted over the last eight years. New purpose has been given to the characters who, previously allies, now find themselves opponents with differing ideals. Characters here are not faced with good and evil, but instead with opposing ideas of politics, friendship and…

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Sex humor dominates Lysistrata

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UCC’s winter term play had a successful run from Feb. 25 to March 6. Directed by Adjunct Theatre Faculty Christina Allaback, the play adapted the classic Greek play by Aristophanes that dates back to 411 B.C. Allaback chose this work as she, “felt the UCC student community really needed [the comedy].”

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