Music is more than simple sound; it is a deep, ancient and powerful form of communication. The emotions conveyed can be just as primal. Most music is about love, peace and spirituality, but violence is a common theme as well. Not that I think it shouldn’t be a part of music. I think it’s integral that the range of emotions reached goes full circle. The problem becomes apparent when aesthetic becomes action. I’m going to ask you to think about a question that you’ve probably had to ask yourself before “is this a bad enough person for me to not listen to their music?” YouRead More →

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Thundercat bass player/song writer/singer from L.A. mixing funk, hip-hop and jazz all together in a psychedelic blender. I’ve been pretty fascinated with Thundercat ever since I saw him play “Them Changes” on the former Comedy Central show, “Why with Hannibal Buress.” In my opinion, Bruner is the best bass guitar player out there right now; he does it all on a six string in a style with a lot of classical jazz guitar influence. He also happens to have a pretty solid voice that he tends to layer in his songs. Stephen started in high school going on tour with Suicidal Tendencies, who I actuallyRead More →


Ty Segall and The Sonics The point of this column is to discuss a recent music release or show, and then look for something similar or related to recommend. This week’s column focuses on Ty Segall’s music style.   Ty Segall – Ty Segall Ty Segall’s new self-titled album is out. Ty is an experimental indie rock fellow. You may have heard his other project “Fuzz” with a common collaborator Charles Mootheart. I like that Segall seems to get bored with sounds and seems to constantly move things around, even if it doesn’t always make something totally original. The new record has a very jammyRead More →

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Foxygen, Getting into Beefheart The point of this column is to talk about a recent release, or show, and then look for something similar or related in history to recommend. There is a lot of really good music that people don’t know about, really important stuff I probably still don’t even know about, but I don’t stop learning. There’s so much to learn, explore and enjoy in the world of music. Foxygen – “Hang” If you aren’t aware of Foxygen, they are a psychedelic pop/rock band out of Westlake Village, California. The duo of Jonathan Rado and Sam France have been doing this since theyRead More →