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Future budget cuts likely due to state shortfall

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    A forum discussing the UCC budget was held in the Bonnie Ford Health, Nursing and Science Center on Nov. 15. Joe Linblom-Masuwale/The Mainstream

After the 2008 financial crisis where student enrollment at Umpqua Community College skyrocketed, enrollment has stabilized at a point similar to pre-crisis levels. The budget in turn has leveled-off to a lower level as revenue from student fees and state funding based on enrollment has decreased.

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HBO’s Westworld: more than just guns, sex and cowboys?

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Now five episodes into the first season of HBO’s new series, Westworld, plotline development has finally started to pick up the pace. Based on the 1973 film written by Michael Crichton, the story of “Westworld” revolves around a future reality where artificial intelligence has been nearly perfected. For $40,000 a day, “guests” are invited to enter Westworld, a park populated by A.I. “hosts” programmed to cater to guests’ every desire for sex, violence, treasure and everything in between.

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