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Sexual assault awareness — it’s more than a month; it’s a journey

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    Peter Bordenave / The Mainstream

Although Sexual Assault Awareness Month has ended, sexual violence continues to live on. According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, “Every 98 seconds, another American is sexually assaulted.” New sex trends like “stealthing,” which most experts agree could be considered sexual assault, mean the topic still needs to be studied. While no laws…

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“Ambivalently Yours” meets UCC this spring

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    The Art Gallery at UCC is currently displaying Ambivalently Yours: as seen on Tumblr. Kaya Maliglig / The Mainstream
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    Kaya Maliglig / The Mainstream
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    Kaya Maliglig / The Mainstream
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    Kaya Maliglig / The Mainstream
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    Kaya Maliglig / The Mainstream
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    Kaya Maliglig / The Mainstream
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    Kaya Maliglig / The Mainstream

Thoughts and comments typed onto pink, squared sheets of paper sit pinned alongside their companion drawings on three walls in the Whipple Fine Arts building. These pink sheets of paper share an anonymous Tumblr artist’s and her followers’ struggles, feelings and even secrets as they search together for comfort through art. Throughout this spring term,…

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Staff seek to improve access to feminine hygiene products on campus

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    Bookstore offers free feminine hygiene products. Kaya Maliglig / The Mainstream

In response to the first of a two-series issue in the Mainstream, UCC staff is now moving forward with plans to improve the accessibility of feminine hygiene products on campus. The facility director is currently conducting a full evaluation to distinguish which restrooms have operable and inoperable machines to be able to provide feminine products…

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From music to education: Dr. Debra Thatcher’s journey to becoming UCC’s president

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    Dr. Debra Thatcher, president of Umpqua Community College. Photo provided by Robynne Wilgus.

Dr. Debra Thatcher never expected to land into the position of a college president while in her studies as an undergraduate student. “I never dreamed of being president of anything,” Thatcher said. A passion from her childhood, Thatcher initially intended to earn a degree in music at the private school she first attended. “In elementary…

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Lack of feminine hygiene products on campus

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    Certain colleges are providing free feminine hygievne products. Ciara Byars / The Mainstream

Zip. Zip. Clank. Swivel, swivel. Silence. You may have needed a feminine hygiene product while on campus and found yourself in a UCC restroom having to unzip your wallet for change, clank a quarter into the machine, swivel the knob to the right only to be followed by silence and a feeling of despair. This…

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Professors Caroll and Stinnett dive into unknown world of caffeine and earthquakes

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    Mary Stinnett presents a slideshow during her free lecture. Kaya Maliglig / The Mainstream

You may have heard of a caffeine high, but how about a caffeine quake? Associate professor of geology Karen Caroll, alongside associate professor of mathematics Mary Stinnett, addressed the mathematical relationships between caffeine and earthquakes and tsunamis in the Pacific Northwest at the Faculty Lecture Series in the Centerstage Theatre on Jan. 19. In her…

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Holiday Baking: Sugar Cookies

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    Kaya Maliglig decorates homemade sugar cookies for the staff of The Mainstream. Alicia Graves / The Mainstream
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    Adding the flour in in small amounts will make the mixing process easier if using a whisk instead of a mixer. Kaya Maliglig / The Mainstream
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    Decorating cookies is as simple or difficult as you make it. Alicia Graves / The Mainstream
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    Use sprinkles and icing to make your cookies come to life. Alicia Graves / The Mainstream
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    Mathew Guido enjoys a homemade sugar cookie at The Mainstream office. Alicia Graves / The Mainstream

Imagine – the sweet scent of pumpkin, cinnamon and sugar drifting throughout the house as temperatures drop outside from the approaching winter. Fireplaces are lit and thermostats are turned on to keep warm. Each day passing is a day closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and soon everyone will be buzzing in preparation.

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Fall term means application season: Have you volunteered lately?

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For students, volunteering is much more than resume or application filler; it’s learning that develops and improves work-related and educational skills. The satisfaction and reward of volunteering all depends on choosing the right opportunity. The TRIO Top Community Service page on Umpqua Community College’s website encourages students to, “choose an opportunity that is related to…

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Healthcare workforce providers remain at a shortage throughout the next decade

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    Students in the Career and Technical Education program at Southwest Oregon’s The Area of Health Education Center work in hands-on training camps.

News of shortage in professional healthcare providers might be common knowledge for some in today’s society. Shortages in healthcare now extend clear across the globe affecting almost everyone.

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