L.M. Montgomery’s character Anne Shirley once mused, “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” Until I came here, I felt my life was nothing but mistakes, carrying over day after day. Leaving here, I now know I was wrong. As I reflect on the journey I have taken here at UCC and with The Mainstream, I am reminded that each day is a new experience, sometimes with mistakes. However, with mistakes come learning and understanding. Montgomery’s character Anne understood this as she took her next steps not long after uttering those words. Her teacher inspiredRead More →

As the days of summer approach, classes end, the days are longer and students, staff and faculty typically have more time on their hands. With many ways to pass the extra time, reading falls by the wayside at times, especially when reading is so prevalent during classes. The Mainstream staff has some suggestions for interesting summer reads to while away the hours of the summer season. If readers are looking for something by local talent, UCC’s bookstore has a section dedicated to local writers. Reflections of the Umpqua, a collection of works from UCC students, staff and faculty, is now available in the bookstore asRead More →

The Pell Grant now funds summer term starting this summer for students who have taken at least six credits this spring term. Summer payments will no longer deduct from previous or future term’s Pell Grant funds like they did in the past. This change is retroactive, meaning funds students spent for last year’s summer term were returned. “This past winter term we identified all students who had attended (the previous) summer term and adjusted their spring term Pell Grant,” said Michelle Bergmann, UCC’s financial aid director. “Each student was notified by email of their increased eligibility.  This was done well before registration of spring termRead More →

UCC’s annual end of year ASUCC sponsored event for students will be held Friday, May 18. The theme, “Creatively Celebrating YoU,” emphasizes celebrating cultural differences. Student clubs, campus programs and the community are invited to set up booths that showcase their culture, heritage and purpose. Tables with samples of food from different countries, including Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, American, Indonesian and Egyptian will offer attendees the opportunity to taste something new. Shaved ice will also be available. Popular activities of black-light dodgeball and face painting are returning for more fun this year. New booths and activities are scheduled to participate: • Umpqua Singers from 1 toRead More →

Learning styles differ from person to person; techniques that may work for one student may not work for another, but assistance is available on campus now no matter the learning style. The Success Center in the Sue Shaffer Learning Commons and Library is working to help all students reach their optimal potential. Mary Worthington, the new coordinator for the Success Center, entered the position in February 2018. Worthington was involved in community mental health prior to taking the Success Center coordinator position and has worked in special education rehabilitation counseling for over 20 years. During that time, she has worked with a variety of peopleRead More →

Umpqua Community College’s Administration is presenting a revised fee proposal in lieu of the previously proposed flat $100 fee for labs, lab/lectures, practicums and clinicals that was reported in the last Mainstream issue. The new proposal, set to go before the Board of Education tomorrow at the monthly board meeting, has two options offered for consideration. The Board is likely to vote on both options tomorrow, May 9, 2018 at the 4:30 meeting in HNSC room 100. The meeting is open to the public, but anyone wishing to speak must sign a speaking sheet prior to the meeting. The first option will assess a $50Read More →

The Board of Education and the administration of Umpqua Community College is proposing an increase in tuition and an additional fee for labs, lectures/lab, practicums and clinical courses starting in Fall term 2018. Tuition will be increased an additional $5 per credit up from their current rate. A proposed flat fee of $100 will be applied to certain courses labs, lectures/lab, practicums and clinicals, regardless of the number of credits, affecting a large number of courses. In a statement received in an email from Dr. Deborah Thatcher “In the face of inadequate funding from the State, the addition of a lab fee will allow usRead More →

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The time comes when silence is betrayal.” The time to break the silence has come again for the survivors of sexual abuse with the #MeToo movement. What began as a simple hash tag trending on Twitter and Facebook in October 2017 has grown with millions of men and women proclaiming their independence from sexual violence. I am a #MeToo. It seemed simple enough to say those words when I first posted it on my Facebook page. I have been a victim and a survivor of sexual harassment and violence from my childhood on. Many of my experiences were tuckedRead More →

Agatha Christie, the queen of suspense, is arguably one of the best female authors in the past century. Known for her slight-of-hand murder mysteries where the killer is often introduced within the first chapter, her books have sold millions of copies, inspired board games like Clue and have been the basis for television episodes including “Family Guy’s” “And Then There Were Fewer” and the BBC’s “Miss Marple” series. “Murder on the Orient Express” is one of Christie’s best-known stories. The book is inspired by the real life murder case of the Lindbergh baby in 1932. When Bruno Hauptman was convicted of kidnapping and murder andRead More →

   Editor’s Note: The Mainstream discussed new social media protocol at Umpqua Community College in Issue 44 Vol. 1. At the time of print for that issue, we were unable to provide clarification due to unforeseen circumstances. This issue we talked with Tiffany Coleman, UCC’s Director of Marketing and Communication about the new protocol and what it entails. UCC has a Board policy that was adopted in 2011 “for creating and maintaining a professional image for Umpqua Community College to the public.” Policy 200 includes how media contact coordination should take place, press releases and advertisements as well as messages going out to the public,Read More →