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After a term ends, it’s easy to lose your mental focus and to maintain a sharp brain. Life can get busy and finding time to take care of yourself can be really difficult, especially in an increasingly rushed society. However, if you don’t take care of yourself, it won’t be long before exhaustion kicks in, your brain suffers from mental fog, and you become burnt out. Here are some tips to keep you on your A-game throughout summer and the remainder of your college experience. Meditation Perhaps one of the best things you can do for your body and mind is to meditate. A ForbesRead More →

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It’s that time of the year. Graduation is soon approaching as college students get ready to move on to bigger opportunities. Apart from reminiscing about earlier college memories, perhaps the most fun aspect of preparing for graduation is decorating the graduation caps. Decorating graduation caps are your way to personalize them to your style. They can be a great form of self expression, which is exactly the reason many of us go to college in the first place — to learn who we are and where we stand in the world. Imagine walking on that special day, throwing your grad cap in the air, watchingRead More →

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Former UCC Board of Trustees director Sue Shaffer passed away on April 12 at the age of 94. She was the first woman to chair the board and received a position on the Spirit of Umpqua “Hall of Fame” in Jacoby Auditorium in 1999. During UCC’s 53-year history, only 23 names have been listed in the Hall of Fame. John McCafferty, the current business operations officer at The Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians, worked alongside Sue Shaffer on the governor’s Compact Negotiation Team. “She was a very impressive lady,” McCafferty said. “It was obvious that she was a person of vision, thatRead More →

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Recycling options on campus, in the community It’s easy to shove unwanted items in our backpacks or in a trashcan without regard to their recyclability, but not all materials should be treated the same. Some materials, such as certain plastics and glass, don’t easily decompose. Luckily, the campus and the community offer many recycling options. Currently, there are approximately 19 recycling bins on campus – 17 around campus with 1 in every building that categorize recyclable plastic, cans, paper, and waste products. Additionally, 2 are behind the cafeteria where one holds cardboard and the other holds all recyclable material. Every Friday, Sunrise Enterprises picks upRead More →

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All Jennifer Hagerty ever wanted was to help others succeed in life. After years of neglect and abuse from her parents, Hagerty wanted to treat others differently than how she was treated. As a result, nursing became her lifelong passion. “My dad left when I was four and never came back. My mom faced addiction when I was a young child. The best way I know how to describe it is that they loved the high more than they loved themselves and more than anything else in this world,” she said. That’s why nursing provided her “the opportunity to have an impact without having toRead More →

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After a life shrouded in uncertainty, a time of feeling out of place, Teddy Harris found his true identity as a trans-masculine male. For years, Harris lived a life of constant battles among peers, friends, and even family members over his true gender identity. On the outside, he looked like a girl growing up; however, Harris always knew in the back of his mind that didn’t feel right. “I knew I didn’t like being a ‘girl’ since I was really young. Never really considered myself one. But, my family saw me as a girl, so I followed that mold,” he recalled. With a gleam inRead More →



The 30 days of gratitude event through the month of February on the UCC campus highlights the importance of remaining positive through life trials and tribulations. Its focus is to provide students with the motivation to remain physically and mentally healthy through mindfulness practices. The event, held by the Student Life & Campus Engagement office, is a call for students to practice being grateful and positive through the month of February. Anyone can participate by joining the month-long challenge or by submitting what they are thankful for in a “gratitude jar.” This is a large vase for the UCC community to place written notes into; itRead More →

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UCC’s Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society is looking forward to see if they will win one of the highly anticipated Hallmark awards coming in April. Chapters that win must exemplify excellence in leadership, service, fellowship and community involvement. UCC’s chapter is known as the Alpha Sigma Upsilon chapter. Several criteria needed to be accomplished before the club could compete for a Hallmark award. The Honors in Action award and College Project award entries revolve around their on-campus projects.  Requirements for the Honors in Action Hallmark includes a 2600 word essay on a summary of their project and its objectives. The essay revolved around a centralRead More →

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A colorful mosaic tribute, displayed on a wall behind the fine arts building, stands as a symbolic memorial to the eight students and one teacher who lost their lives on Oct. 1, 2015. Eight blue and one red-colored dragonfly embody the spirit of those individuals. “We started it in November of 2015,” Susan Rochester, head of the fine arts department said. “It’s a monument to the idea of community, but I also think the beauty of the mosaic is important. It stands as a reminder that no matter how difficult life is, we are only guaranteed this one single moment that we are in rightRead More →

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Other options still available Danielle Risley, 19, had vividly seen the type of person she wanted to be after finishing a UCC degree. It had been her passion since a young age to become a psychologist or missionary and travel the world while helping those in need. This term would’ve furthered her education toward those goals; however, with little money and no financial aid, she was forced to drop out of school. “My parents can’t help me . .we are barely living paycheck to paycheck,” Risley said. Like many students, Risley was forced to use her parents’ tax information on the FAFSA. Since they barelyRead More →