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Positive benefits of exercise

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    The benefits of exercise can be pursued at UCC's gym.

Exercise has an endless list of benefits, including clearer skin and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. There are hundreds of different ways to be more active. It is important to find the right one for you and your lifestyle. Finding an exercise that you can stick with and you like is most important. “When people…

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Better grades, less stress

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    Stephanie Brosky, Wayne Jaworski and Chloe Fink use the study hall and tutoring center in the library. Emily Boesch / The Mainstream

The Success Center currently offers free tutoring as well as free supplemental instruction for all UCC math, writing, computer science and Spanish courses. Tutoring not only improves grades, a study by the University of Wisconsin shows it also improves students’ social skills and motivation and decreases anxiety. “Nationally students who work with a tutor do…

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