Those graduating and attending commencement should know that Jan Woodcock is the student-selected faculty commencement speaker and will be speaking briefly at graduation. As this is Woodcock’s last term at UCC, we at The Mainstream had some fun questions to ask her: Q: When did you first start at UCC? A: I’ve been at UCC for 24 years. Q: What’s your best/favorite memory from your time at UCC? A: Watching students figure out over a year or two how capable, bright, and worthy they are. Q: What’s the first meal you’re going to eat after retirement? A: Probably something from Starbucks drive-thru. Q: What kindRead More →

In this edition of (Para)Legally Laughable first year paralegal student Charles Crosier laughs at, and answers, a question. This is an opinion piece and does not reflect the views of The Mainstream. An opinion written recently by Han A. Von Spakovsky, first appearing on Fox News’ website and later on The Heritage Foundation website, asks a very interesting question with its title: “Is Robert Mueller Going to Investigate George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson, Too?” To start on an even level Spakovsky’s article has to be boiled down to its point. He argues that the president has prosecutorial authority which he says, “… holdsRead More →

Imagine with me, if you will, a world where if someone gave an educated opinion it could be illegal. Would it surprise you to know that this is established practice in America? If you become a paralegal (I’m currently in my first year) then you face the chance of committing the “Unauthorized Practice of Law.” The America Bar Association has a handy breakdown of what a lawyer may not delegate to a paralegal: responsibility for 1) establishing an attorney-client relationship, 2) establishing the amount of a fee to be charged for a legal service and 3) a legal opinion rendered to a client. The firstRead More →

This is an opinion of a first year paralegal student and does not constitute advice of any nature, legal or otherwise. Constantly it seems that the headlines are filled with talk about Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the President and whether there was any “wrong doing” with Russia and a flurry of other headlines surrounding the entire debacle including threats, bravado, indictments and controversy. Since there is so much to focus on, here are the important topics this article will discuss: the indictments so far, protections for Mueller and what Trump may or may not do. As far as the President directly firing Mueller, that isRead More →

The Umpqua Community College Board of Education has tabled extensive new fee increases until May. The chart below shows a list of proposed fee increases. A flat lab fee of $100 will be applied across the board to cover cost of instruction. In addition, other fees will increase according to the April Board packet “to cover costs of consumables, equipment repair and replacement used within [those]departments.” Since the board tabled a decision until May a new board packet may be compiled with the same or different proposals for that meeting. That packet will be made available by the end of the day May 2. TheRead More →

New fees and tuition increases are being discussed once again. The Board of Education tabled a vote on these new increases at the April 11 meeting and so this has only pushed a possible vote to the May 9 meeting. The proposal, presented in PowerPoint by Natalya Brown, Interim CFO, and Dr. Kacy Crabtree, Provost, is shown below. For context, using the figures presented from the UCC Spring 2015 Schedule, as well as the Spring 2016, Spring 2017 and Spring 2018 figures from the same books, this is how per credit tuition has risen over that time: Spring 2016 per credit was $95.50; Spring 2017Read More →

This issue of The Mainstream focuses on the well-known #MeToo movement and all of the commentary and controversy, both social and political, which have developed because of the movement. The articles within will be using terms that many people are familiar with, however, this piece will focus on the legal definitions of the terms to establish a general baseline. Some terms may be defined differently in a social context and are not the focus here. Sexual Harassment: The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says “Harassment can include … unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.”Read More →

Society has become quick to condemn and vilify public information. In this column first-year Paralegal student Charles Crosier breaks down what’s wrong and what’s right in: (Para) Legally Laughable!  Disclaimer: This column in no way constitutes legal advice. It is simply an opinion of the author. Entering my first year in paralegal studies I’ve come across certain things that are, without a doubt, laughable. This time around I’m going to focus on a personal favorite: Incest. Now, I know what you might be thinking. ‘Incest?! What the HECK man?!’ I promise that this is worth it, so listen closely! The standard definition for incest accordingRead More →

The two grants which had helped UCC provide a recovery advising specialist and a badge-wearing deputy, among other things, unexpectedly ended, leaving the college scrambling for new options. These federal U.S. Department of Education SERV grants would have continued, but as Susan Taylor, executive director for the UCC Foundation, pointed out, the rules were difficult to understand, sometimes obtuse and difficult to follow correctly. Taylor recalled that it was “frustrating” to not understand some of the vague wording presented by the government. While the two grants were lost, a new grant has helped to offset the losses. Taylor helped bring a new grant that mitigatedRead More →

It’s October. That also means that it is Domestic Violence Awareness month. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “nearly 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner during their lifetime”. It is important to highlight the resources available to students in our community. While the former counseling services on campus are not currently being funded, the college has arranged for a life coach position, a victim services coordinator and a victim mental health therapist. Some of these positions are grant funded. The life coach position offers short-term personal and crisis counseling, healthRead More →