Students can advance their careers during summer using resources provided through UCC Summer term presents many career paths and educational opportunities that students who have extra time can take advantage of. Community and Workforce Training courses offer a hands-on experience that many students don’t often have time for. The CommunityContinue Reading

UCC offers students job information and resources to decrease student unemployment at job fair Find a summer job that will pay tuition and class fees. Since last year’s layoffs due to COVID-19, businesses are struggling to find employees.  UCC Job Placement Coordinator Inez Orozco says, “It is a challenge forContinue Reading

ASUCC election and constitutional amendments on the 2021-22 ballot Students can now vote using a Canvas shell for next school year’s ASUCC student government leaders and proposed amendments to the ASUCC constitution are also currently available for review and voting. “UCC’s shared governance model ensures students are represented on its key councilsContinue Reading

Vaccination side-effects cause concerns for the new availability to ages 16 years and older With the ever increasing and changing Covid-19 virus that is starting to affect younger people more seriously, health officials are saying it’s more important than ever to become fully vaccinated to safeguard the community. College students,Continue Reading