COVID-19 pandemic gave students unforgettable trauma At times during the pandemic, school seemed little more than the sun rising and falling on a world plagued with individuals overwhelmed with grief, hopelessness and disease. Tormented individuals felt the lack of clear, consistent guidance – with no escape from the constant updatesContinue Reading

Graduation ceremony information for graduating students UCC’s  57th graduation ceremony on Friday, June 11 will again be a bit untraditional; the graduation ceremony will take place in students’ cars.  The carmencement, a drive-thru graduation, starts at 6 p.m.; however, students need to arrive at 5 p.m. to line up.  LastContinue Reading

New council seeks student knowledge and experience in designing programs and policy Students who want their voices heard on matters of college improvement and innovation can participate as members of college councils and committees. Students now have the opportunity to change college policy, programs, services, scheduling, retention and the overall college experienceContinue Reading

UCC honors students at the 2021 Honor and Award virtual ceremony This year 42 students have been selected by UCC staff to receive the Outstanding student award. These students received this award at the 2021 Honors and Awards Virtual Recognition ceremony, on May 26, 2021. After the event, these outstandingContinue Reading

Scholarship award spotlight on PTK officer and Mainstream managing editor Involved in multiple aspects of campus life, Faith Byars has dedicated herself to academics and outreach projects.  Byars, a homeschooled student until her start at UCC says she has thrived in the college classroom environment. “College is very similar toContinue Reading

What celebrating Memorial Day looks like in Roseburg Oregon In Roseburg during the month of May, the Roseburg National Cemetery for fallen soldiers along Harvard Avenue is usually filled with flags and a tribute ceremony takes place there. This year due to COVID-19, the event is canceled, but the VA is hoping to have an event next year.  Memorial Day, which used toContinue Reading

Anonymous donation breathes new life into Lockwood Hall Lockwood Hall recently went through system and structural updates to accommodate the industry standards as well as better meet student needs. Technical students and teachers of Lockwood Hall had been working with insufficient or outdated equipment as well as safety issues.  The project wasContinue Reading

Federal assistance funds new comprehensive student assistance program Life coach Hanna Culbertson and Marjan Coester, director of student engagement, are working to implement a new Student Assistance Program (SAP) utilizing federal COVID funds provided through a Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act CRRSSA grant. This student assistance program can give studentsContinue Reading

ASUCC approves partial funding for Flegel Center artwork The athletics department has been putting together a redecoration project for the Flegel Center’s baseball dorms that will include photos by local photographer and state representative, Gary Leif. “SBDC (Small Business Development Center) and the athletics department collaborated on it,” Athletic DirectorContinue Reading