L.M. Montgomery’s character Anne Shirley once mused, “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” Until I came here, I felt my life was nothing but mistakes, carrying over day after day. Leaving here, I now know I was wrong. As I reflect on the journey I have taken here at UCC and with The Mainstream, I am reminded that each day is a new experience, sometimes with mistakes. However, with mistakes come learning and understanding. Montgomery’s character Anne understood this as she took her next steps not long after uttering those words. Her teacher inspiredRead More →

I was barely able to turn a computer on when I first arrived at UCC, or I would have signed up to write for The Mainstream sooner. When more confident, I registered for J215 and then spent an entire four terms with the paper. I couldn’t be pulled away from my adopted family of creative people. If I could reasonably argue for another term (or more) I would love to have stayed even longer. My journey towards an English/Writing degree has been helped immeasurably by my time with The Mainstream, though, and I send all of my best wishes to the staff and future writersRead More →

As the days of summer approach, classes end, the days are longer and students, staff and faculty typically have more time on their hands. With many ways to pass the extra time, reading falls by the wayside at times, especially when reading is so prevalent during classes. The Mainstream staff has some suggestions for interesting summer reads to while away the hours of the summer season. If readers are looking for something by local talent, UCC’s bookstore has a section dedicated to local writers. Reflections of the Umpqua, a collection of works from UCC students, staff and faculty, is now available in the bookstore asRead More →

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and spring term is nearing its end. Summer is just around the corner and UCC students can start preparing for the future by getting a summer job. Have a resume prepared and updated: The sooner the better. Interviewers and most employee seekers will ask for a resume, so it’s best to have one ready. Academic advisors can help students create a resume. The UCC website states, “Make an appointment (preferred). To make an appointment with your assigned academic advisor, log into your student self-service and from the main menu choose “Make Advisor Appointments Here.” You will logRead More →

Sam Homola and Savanah O’Brien  The Mainstream Photo by Shawna Depew The summer festival season is kicking off, a time of year eagerly awaited by fanatic festival goers. Eugene resident Shawna Depew returned Monday, May 28 from the Gorge Amphitheater where she spent the weekend immersing herself in the 16th annual Sasquatch Music Festival. She experienced a diverse selection of musical performances and her favorite aspect, a connection with all the other people that come to share in the experience together. “I saw older people and parents who brought their small children. It’s an amazing atmosphere.” Other popular festivals are right around the corner, making theRead More →

With the school year coming to an end, June 15’s graduation date is fast approaching. Many graduating students are expecting family from out of town; many of the hotels in Roseburg are anticipating an influx of guests. Finding the right accommodations for grad night can be a stressful experience. To help ease the stress of hotel hunting many people turn to TripAdvisor, a website that compiles and compares listings from several prominent travel sites putting emphasis on reviews submitted by past guests. These reviews rate hotels on a scale of one to five stars, one star representing a poor experience and five stars representing aRead More →

The days leading up to graduation can be hectic and all over the place, so having some plans can lead to a much smoother day. UCC’s graduation is June 15, starting at 6 p.m. at the Swanson Amphitheater. Begin by getting the big stuff out of the way first such as creating a list of who’s coming. UCC students are allowed to invite as many guests as wanted, unless rain causes the event to be moved from the outdoor Swanson Amphitheater to Jacoby. If this happens, guests will be limited to four. Consider coordinating a meet up place for friends and family after the ceremony,Read More →

The Mainstream staff provide the following tips. Disclaimer: We are not etiquette gurus. Tip #1: Announcements vs. Invitations vs. Guest Limitations for Rain Send out a “Look Who’s Graduating!” type of announcement to all of your loved ones, and in the announcement explain the school’s ticket limitations. That way, guests won’t get mad if they can’t be invited. Then send out a separate invitation. On the invitation to your UCC graduation, inform guests that if rain moves graduation inside of Jacoby, you may be required to limit your guests to only four and that the rain announcement may not come until an hour before graduation.Read More →

Those graduating and attending commencement should know that Jan Woodcock is the student-selected faculty commencement speaker and will be speaking briefly at graduation. As this is Woodcock’s last term at UCC, we at The Mainstream had some fun questions to ask her: Q: When did you first start at UCC? A: I’ve been at UCC for 24 years. Q: What’s your best/favorite memory from your time at UCC? A: Watching students figure out over a year or two how capable, bright, and worthy they are. Q: What’s the first meal you’re going to eat after retirement? A: Probably something from Starbucks drive-thru. Q: What kindRead More →

Rosa Mohlsick, a member of Umpqua Community College’s class of 2009, will speak at this year’s commencement ceremony and then go forward with continuing her college education. She was employed previously at the Safe Haven Maternity Home, a non-profit organization that aids women and babies in crisis. She worked at the home for a total of nine years and served as the executive director for three years. The Safe Haven Maternity Home has supported over 550 mothers and their babies since its opening in the Roseburg area, and it is currently serving eight mothers and their children. Mohlsick now hopes to earn her Master’s DegreeRead More →

Above: Steve Loosely UCC Board of Education Chair Closing Remarks List of outstanding students: John Bastienilli Madison Becker Jakob Bergmann Gavin Brousseau Jantyne Bunce Shantelle Camden Wade Christensen Gavin Clark Constance Cline Danny Cockrum Christine Cooksey Grace Cupp Matt Edinger Nazzario Ferguson Matthew Figueroa Alicia Graves Andreas Guevara Maegan Hartley Sabrina Hill Eric Hoang Michael Hoie Emma Jaworski Sarah Jaworski Charlotte Kame Neila Kerkebane Zoe Krause John Kunis Levi Lemert Emily Lozano Lyandra Maina Daniel Marro Lily Martin Jacob Maynes William Maynes Shanna McMahan Derek Meier Brittany Miller Carissa Miller Karina Mills Heather Monroe Bryan Olsson Eric Pearce Fallon Peters Sandra Richie Jeremy Rockhold Vanessa SantillanRead More →

Robert Mountainspring-Wood had dreams of becoming a soldier in his youth; he even dreamed of being a martyr for his country. Mountainspring-Wood enlisted before the age of 20, but life would prove to put him on a different path than the one he desired through the military. Myriad challenges, social, physical and personal, would define the struggle of his life that no one could have seen coming. However, the struggles that began while in the military would lead him through both some of his darkest hours and a life which he now is thankful to live. At the age of 19, Mountainspring-Wood enlisted in theRead More →

“I thought I was retired.” –Ron Stribling, UCC graduate Ron Stribling is not your average UCC student; he’s been married 60 years, has five sons, lived during WWII and at 81 years of age, he is graduating from the welding program with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. Most would deem it unusual for Stribling to return to school after all this time, but after being laid off from his job in 2016, it was his only way forward. Welding has always come natural to him. As a child, he’d watch his father weld. He had “always been around welding,” so it was aRead More →