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Dear Graduates: As we close out this year and we see our graduates move on to the future, it is important to remind ourselves of the power we have in each of us. Some might say we find ourselves in concerning times. This author would say that we find ourselves in times of certain uncertainty. However, we have the power to change our future, our country and our world. Our graduates go forward into this world, and they are armed! –armed with knowledge, with a voice, with a degree and with the opportunity to declare, resoundingly, that Silence is the Enemy. Often we have beenRead More →

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What a year it’s been for sports at Umpqua Community College. UCC hired new Athletic Director Craig Jackson in July 2016 and UCC Athletics is about to become more diverse and exciting than ever. Since Jackson’s hiring, UCC has added three new sports programs: cross country, obstacle course racing, and wrestling. “The addition of our new sports is exciting because it provides opportunities for many Douglas County residents to stay at home and go to college while also participating in athletics” Jackson said. “Recruiting is going well and next year should be very exciting.” If the addition of more sports programs wasn’t exciting enough, UCC’sRead More →

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Guest editor: Charles Crosier As summer approaches we all are going to have at least a little more free time compared to fall, winter and spring. Now, we might want to get something done but let’s be honest with ourselves; we’re going to find ourselves in front of the TV at some point and it can be difficult to decide on something to watch. Here are some suggestions from those on campus to binge watch your hot summer days and nights away! Freddy Gompf is going to be watching “An Idiot Abroad” on Netflix this summer to help pass the time. Sam Murray will be catchingRead More →

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This week on campus I surveyed a small number of students about games they would be playing non-stop or binge playing this summer. In this survey I focused on video games primarily but included answers given about other types of games. Some of these games many not appeal to everyone, but others may offer interesting options, and some may bring a sense of nostaliga  or fond memories. Players of all types and ages who were surveyed had video or board games they wanted to revisit, beat, or simply get into again. D&D or Dungeon and Dragons was one of the most cited games, and duringRead More →

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Mat Guido is a part of moving collective of individuals who are trying to make waves within the Roseburg’s art community. Guido’s work titled “Cloud Patrol” is the first art exhibit to be featured in the new Cass Studio, located off Cass Street in downtown Roseburg. The idea behind Cloud Patrol was based on using experimental photography techniques documenting the clouds during the spring time. Guido’s work represents the transition and growth around clouds that can change how we think depending on the changing of the season. By using light leaks, red scale photography and double exposure, Guido obtained these types of effects. The termRead More →

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During the summer, there is plenty to do outside in Douglas County. For outdoors fun, hike the hundreds of miles of hiking trails, explore the many waterfalls located near Highway 138 or unwind at one of several lakes scattered throughout the county. Near Twin Lakes along Highway 138 near mile mark 50 is one of the 12 locations people can park and hike the North Umpqua Trail that begins at Swiftwater Park and ends at Maidu Lake. Maidu Lake is the source of the North Umpqua River. It lies just east of Mt. Thielsen and can be reached a couple different ways. For a reallyRead More →

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Surfperch have arrived on Oregon shores. Those who do not fish for surfperch, or don’t know someone who fishes for them, are unlikely to get a chance to taste this fish. These fish can rarely, if ever, be found in fish sections of supermarkets. The May 23 recreational fishing report by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife describes surfperch fishing as “good” during periods of small ocean swells and incoming tides. ODFW’s website names late spring through early summer as the best times of year to fish for surfperch. Persons of varying ages and strengths can cast for surfperch. These fish average roughly aRead More →

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After a term ends, it’s easy to lose your mental focus and to maintain a sharp brain. Life can get busy and finding time to take care of yourself can be really difficult, especially in an increasingly rushed society. However, if you don’t take care of yourself, it won’t be long before exhaustion kicks in, your brain suffers from mental fog, and you become burnt out. Here are some tips to keep you on your A-game throughout summer and the remainder of your college experience. Meditation Perhaps one of the best things you can do for your body and mind is to meditate. A ForbesRead More →

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It’s that time of the year. Graduation is soon approaching as college students get ready to move on to bigger opportunities. Apart from reminiscing about earlier college memories, perhaps the most fun aspect of preparing for graduation is decorating the graduation caps. Decorating graduation caps are your way to personalize them to your style. They can be a great form of self expression, which is exactly the reason many of us go to college in the first place — to learn who we are and where we stand in the world. Imagine walking on that special day, throwing your grad cap in the air, watchingRead More →

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Wearing a square on your head can be a bit weird, but with that square comes graduation, and this celebration is far from displeasing. As this attire distinguishes your accomplishments on graduation day, a little DIY decorating can distinguish your likes and individuality. The internet warehouses a lot of ideas for DIY cap decorating and tutorials. Further, Google will give you over 6 million results if you’re having a bit of a brain fart after finals. These results can range from intricate to simple, and if you are more on the simple side, don’t have time or the budget to decorate a cap that couldRead More →

Note: The circle indicates graduating with highest honors. The diamond indicates graduating with honors. Associate of Arts-Oregon Transfer Darlene E. Alexander Amanda Carlene Allen Lindsay Nicole Allen♦ Shaleen Nicole Allen Rebecca L. Attaway♦ Sarah Kinsley Ballas♦ Mikko J. Balmes Jody L. Barnett Kyler L. Barraza Lydia Parker Bastian♦ Ramon Salvador Bautista Tasia Nicole Bilbrew Logan A. Boggs Ziru Bolen• Korrellon David Douglas Boylan Rachael Anne Bradley Judson Daniel Briggs Casey Renee Bright Debbie Kathleen Brown Lia M. Brumlow Melinda Melody Calvin ♦ Cynthia Lyn Campbell Nicole L. Carlson Tyler E. Carmen Ricardo B. Cervantes Cheyenne A. Chambers Aisha I. Chaudhry ♦ Kylie Hokulani Chong ♦ Launa RochellRead More →

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Graduations tend to follow certain traditions, though many of us are not sure why.  As we celebrate our successful students we can take a quick trip into the heritage of the familiar things we expect to see on graduation day. Why do we wear the cap and gown? In the early 13th and 14th centuries, most higher education took place in European churches as a path to membership in the clergy, and bulky, hooded robes were a common sight on campuses for lack of indoor heating. Hoods originally covered the shaved heads of the clergy until they were superseded for that purpose by the skullcap,Read More →

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Kaya Maliglig As the term comes to an end, I am prepared to graduate and ready to leave UCC. But before I do, I would like to say thank you to all those who supported and helped me during my time here these last two years. Thank you to The Mainstream who gave me a home away from home and a family apart from my immediate family. The time I’ve spent here has been extremely valuable to me, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have been a part of a group of talented and ambitious students. Last spring when Melinda asked me if IRead More →