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On an average, students pay approximately $200-$300 per term in fees, not counting tuition and books. Some of these fees are specific to the field of study, while others are added on for online classes. As budgets are in the planning stage for next year, an increase in tuition andContinue Reading

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The Art Gallery in Umpqua Community College, Whipple Fine Arts building presents “Angels Passing” by Michael Hoeye. Hoeye graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri with a Bachelor of Arts. He later received a Master of Arts in Religion and Psychiatry from Union Thelogical Seminary in New York, NewContinue Reading

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Note: Information and extracts from The Washington Post, New York Times and the Guardian Hundreds of scientists recently gathered in Boston’s Copley Square to rally against what they say is a “direct attack” on research and facts by the new Republican administration. Though specific calls to action were not madeContinue Reading

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 Healthy food choices available at UCC Cafeteria doing made-to-order Because college students juggle school work, jobs, relationships and many life stressors, often healthy eating is not a priority. So how can a starving college student make time to eat healthy and keep their growling stomachs from embarrassing them in class?Continue Reading